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By the rivers of my memory...

“Oh those rides across the river
Where the shallow stream runs wide Where the sunset’s beams were crossing The sand on either side
They would cross the sparkling river

Barber Project 2015

‘Barber’ left Keef’s Engineering Works last autumn and is now safely back in Alston, Cumbria on the South Tynedale Railway Preservation Society line where it will be pulling passengers from April/May in time for the spring holidays!

Bird Feeders - Brightens Up Your Day

It's a cold, wet, windy Sunday afternoon at the end of December and my day has just been brightened by two male and female Bull Finch visiting my bird feeders.

The Bilton to Ripley Bridleway

The Public Enquiry into proposals for a Bilton to Ripley Bridleway was completed earlier this year and the Inspector has found in favour of the route.