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Hedgehog Visitors

This picture was taken recently in my garden. This hedgehog has been a constant visitor along with a couple of others over the past few weeks. I leave dried mealworm out for them along with fresh water.

The Sex Life of Pteridophytes

Let us venture back to the Palaeozoic Era (about 570 million years ago), at the start of which plant life began. These simple plants were limited to algae which gradually evolved into non-flowering plants.


Throughout the Nidd Gorge area there is evidence of almost continuous human activity, from pre-history to the 21st century.

Bird Boxing – why do it?

The Bilton Conservation Group has been putting up and maintaining bird boxes throughout Nidd Gorge (Willow Woods, Sir Johns Wood, Bilton Beck Wood and Scotton Banks woodland) almost continuously since 1985.

Spruisty Packhorse Bridge – Community Project 2009 - 2012

Members will recall our joint project with Knox Valley Residents’ Association (2009 – 2012) to lift all the stone setts on the footway and refurbish the oak bollards across Spruisty Bridge and the magnificent support from the community and other sponsors.