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Nidderdale Greenway Walk - 25th May 2019

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MP to lead Nidderdale Greenway ‘sustainable transport’ walk.

Harrogate and Knaresborough MP, Andrew Jones, will lead a ‘sustainable transport walk’ along the Nidderdale Greenway from Bilton Lane to Ripley on Saturday 25th May to draw attention to Sustainable Transport Options. He and his team will return to Harrogate from Ripley on the 36 bus.

The Greenway, Bilton Fields and the area around Nidd Gorge is part of the Relief Road Corridor – allocated for a potential new road between Thistle Hill in Knaresborough and Ripley. Mr Jones has consistently opposed the proposal instead favouring sustainable transport options.

He said : “I want to highlight what we could be jeopardising should respondents to the survey fail to support sustainable transport measures. The Nidd Gorge and surrounding countryside are home to five ancient woodlands, 80 species of birds, 30 kinds of reptiles, mammals and amphibians as well as plants, fungi and flowers unique to ancient woodlands.The eco-system in this area will be badly harmed and these natural habitats seriously damaged. The physical road and its construction will cause irreversible damage and exhaust emissions and litter will be an ongoing threat to the distinctive plants and animals in the area.”

“The great thing about the congestion survey though is that we can choose a better way. We can show North Yorkshire County Council that we support sustainable transport measures – park and ride, electric vehicles, bus priority, segregated cycle ways and a variety of other schemes. We should not pretend that sustainable transport is the easy option. It requires significant investment not only in terms of cash but also in terms of changes to our travel behaviour. Reducing congestion, making our air cleaner and making sustainable transport work will be a joint endeavour between local people, businesses, schools and local councils. When you consider what will be gained – cleaner air, healthier communities, preserved and enhanced natural habitats – it is one of the most worthwhile joint endeavours our community can undertake.”

The walk will begin at 10am, Saturday 25 May at the Bilton Lane entrance to the Nidderdale Greenway. Anyone wishing to support sustainable transport and preserve the natural habitats around the Nidd Gorge is welcome to join.

Residents can take part in the County Council’s Congestion Survey at - either on-line, or by completing a paper copy of the questionnaire, obtainable at any Local Library.