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Bilton Conservation Group was founded by local residents on 19th May 1982 to protect and maintain the rural environment of this, the oldest part of Harrogate.


Throughout the Nidd Gorge area there is evidence of almost continuous human activity, from pre-history to the 21st century.


In 1999 the conservation group decided to celebrate the new millennium by creating a 220 metre permissive footpath from Willow Wood, behind Tennyson Avenue, Bilton to link with the old abandoned mainline railway (now the ‘Nidderdale Greenway’).

Bilton to Ripley Bridleway – at last!

It has been over 40 years since it was possible (although probably illegal) to walk from Bilton across the Nidd Viaduct and along the disused Pateley Bridge railway line to Ripley.


A group of cyclists from ‘Wheel Easy’ enjoy a break on the greenway! Two rustic seats were provided by Harrogate Borough Council – formed from the bole of a huge oak tree which blew down in the winter of 2013. 

Bird Boxing – why do it?

The Bilton Conservation Group has been putting up and maintaining bird boxes throughout Nidd Gorge (Willow Woods, Sir Johns Wood, Bilton Beck Wood and Scotton Banks woodland) almost continuously since 1985.

Urgent - Your help is needed by the RSPB

Help us the RSPB, to stamp out albatross deaths by giving us your used postage stamps - we can convert them to cash. In 2012/13 your stamps helped us raise £17,000!

By the rivers of my memory...

“Oh those rides across the river
Where the shallow stream runs wide Where the sunset’s beams were crossing The sand on either side
They would cross the sparkling river
On a brown horse and a bay